With the growing number of different types of marketing strategies and tools coming up every day, cold emailing to many might not seem like a very effective strategy to attract and bring in new customers for your business. And I guess it is not even wrong to think so as Cold-emailing most often according to end-users rather seems more annoying than anything else.

In the following article, I will be discussing just that, from what exactly is ‘cold-emailing to the various knicks and knacks surrounding such a vintage marketing strategy which if used well, can still do wonders when it comes to successfully marketing your business to potential customers.

What is cold-emailing?

Cold-emailing in the simplest of terms should refer to nothing else but just initiating a conversation with someone while being a complete stranger in front of the other person. To explain it better let us take the help of a simple example.

Now assume that you are a salesperson who has been given the task by your superior to sell a product to randomly anyone out there. The sole aim is to just gather customers who may be interested in your business or product. There may be times when among a group of people, there may be some who might be interested in what you have to offer. While there may be others who might be least interested in your business or product.

The same concept is applicable to when you are talking in terms of online marketing and a sales pitch where the other person has absolutely no idea of whatsoever or who so ever you are as well as what your business or product is.

In such cases what do you do?

Obviously, not straight away go and pitch your business or product in front of the other person. Trust me that is the last thing anyone wants from anyone in the present day we live today. If you go on approaching someone head-on to just sell your product, they will just act all aloof and try to ignore you or your email for the rest of their as well as your lives.

The very first and foremost thing you should aim for is to start a conversation first, instead of just pitching your product first.

In digital terms or online marketing, what it means is that your goal should not be to aim for conversion, but rather should be to build a relationship with the end-user when you send your first cold email.

Everything that you need to know about cold-emailing as well as how to use it for your businesses’ benefit has been discussed as well as explained below in the following article.

What are some benefits of cold-emailing?

you much if your cold email simply ends up in your end-users spam folder. This is actually the case for many businesses out there who simply try out a cold-email strategy without even trying to understand their target audience and just get by like the grandpa in the first part of the reference I had just presented earlier.

So, now coming back to the main questions at hand. Is Cold-emailing still relevant?

Ofcourse, it is. The only thing you need to do is, just like the grandpa mentioned in the latter part of the example earlier, you too need to first understand your target audience better. And only after you fully understand the likes and preferences of your audience, try to reach out to them and talk to them, instead of straight away pitching your business or product to them

Top 3 advantages of Cold-email

Before I list out all the 5 advantages of Cold-emailing, it is very important to understand that cold-emailing is only effective if you do it right. Without using effective strategies, as mentioned earlier it would rather just end up in your user’s spam folder than in his or her read.

Cold-emails, a scalable strategy

If you are looking for a digital marketing strategy that is easy and scalable, then cold-emailing is the thing for you. Just like any door-to-door approach in sales, with cold-emailing showing up inside any potential customer’s inbox does not take much of an effort but just framing your lines well and clicking on the send button from your email. The bigger the email list you have the more outreach.

Cold-emails, will always sit in one place

When it comes to marketing, whether it is traditional or today’s modern digital approach. It is very important that you stay put in one place. Persistence is the key to selling anything. The more persistent you are, the better chances you have of selling your product. Cold-emailing too more or less is pretty much like a persistent salesman where he or she sits at one place, just like your email in your end-users inbox till the time he or she gets finally noticed and clicked upon.

Creating networks at a subconscious level

This part is a little tricky. It all actually depends on something which we call a little persistence and a little repetition from time to time. Now just assume that when you send your cold emails to your desired audience from time to time, it reaches them and even though they don’t open it up instantly or even never, the name or your email address from where you are sending the mail gets registered in their subconscious mind in due process. Hence, next whenever that person sees your product or brand anywhere else out in the physical world, even without realizing their memory gets triggered and automatically your name starts sounding more and more like a trusted brand inside his or her head.


So in the end, I guess it is safe to believe that if you use the cold-emailing strategy in a way it should be. There is just no doubt that it can reap your business the benefits it needs to boost