Best channels to implement your affiliate marketing in 2023?

Affiliate marketing has been a buzzword on cyberspace since the late 1990’s. This dormant money- maker is often the origin when you hear about those far- fetched, if not common I made a fortune $$$ blogging stories!


What is Affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Isn’t it fascinating? You set up a forum while adding a few affiliate links and start earning the revenue you always dreamt of.
Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which firm compensates third party publisher’s website and applications to generate traffic or leads to the Company’s product and services. It is a process of earing passive revenue, every time you promote a product or drive a sale.

Now the question arises how does it really works?  Here you go with the simple six step formula:

  • You show an ad or a link for a particular campaign on your website, blog, or social network.
  • A customer clicks your unique link.
  • The customer makes a purchase for that campaign
  • The affiliate network records the negotiations
  • The purchase is confirmed by Advertiser.
  • You get paid with a pecuniary commission

Affiliate Marketing

Select the right affiliate

Wondering how to find an affiliate program and good products to promote? With so much to choose from, this may initially seem a daunting task but with a little guidance, selecting quality programs shouldn’t be as challenging as you think.

Be your own client

Sell what you desire, although there is no specific answer as to what are the best products to promote in affiliate marketing, choosing a genuine or I can say well converting campaigns is what we often call good products. If you come across a product you are not familiar about but it fits your profile, grasp as much as you can. Study about the product, use it, become familiar with it. Of course, you might not feel intense about each and every product, but incredible goods and service knowledge will help fill that gap.

Be your own client

Fits within your niche

This seems very obvious, but it is an essential feature when we talk about affiliate marketing success rules, yes you heard it right. However you can think out of the box and be creative, as to explore the wider field of affiliate world. For ex: It’s not mandatory to focus on a special campaign as in home, it further divides into home insurance, home improvement etc etc, as I’ve mentioned above wider and interesting.

This must be the right place

Program competitors

“Poor firm ignore their competitors, average firms copy their competitors, winning firms lead their competitors,” well said by Philip Kotter. Not trying to jump into motivation platform, just being clear. If you’ve already been successful with your affiliate marketing using a specific program, take a look at some of your brand competitors to see if they also have affiliate programs to join.  Lean into that knowledge and search for retailers or merchandise in the same vein in order to join the most effective affiliate program for you.

Competitor Analysis

Desired by your target audience

You must choose an affiliate program that charms  your target audience and their aspirations. First and foremost step is to know and study your target audience. There are assorted ways to do this, but it starts by creating a customer profile. Be very specific here and make the person you are selling to as concrete as possible. If you have a consumer base already, use it to regulate who is currently buying your product.
Once you have clarified your target audience, do some analysis. If you want the affiliate marketing programs you choose to join to perform well, make sure to dedicate some time to completing this next step. Again, there are numerous methods to attain this, one of which is to interrogate your target audience about what they are actually looking for. You can use different modes such as emails, surveys or blog posts for commentary.

Know your target audience

Consider high price products

When trying to determine what are the best products for affiliate marketing , perhaps it becomes very tempting to overlook those with higher price points, in the misconception they are difficult to promote. If you’re looking to generate $5,000 in affiliate earnings, you could sell 500 x $10 products, or 50x $100 products or 5 x $1,000 products. Most of the affiliate marketers sells both lower and higher products to appeal a full spectrum of users. Being unlatched to a wider range of products and prices will allow greater opportunities for your business.

Pricing Strategy

Quality product

The product must be satisfactory. If return rate is high, it is generally a sign that the product is not finest or of superior value. Making your customers happy is the best way to long-term affiliate success, and quality products are a huge part of that equation. Over time, you’ll earn a good honor that will go a long way to aiding you in your future sales by endorsing and promoting products that manifest to be of good value to the consumer.


Optimize your platform


Create SMART Goals

Affiliate marketing campaigns can help you enhance your sales and generate passive revenue. But it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. For optimum returns, you’re required to optimize your affiliate marketing campaign. To begin, invest time in customer analysis and listing SMART goals for your campaign. SMART includes:

Specific: Ask yourself if your goals seem well-defined. For instance, if your goal is to grow your business, that isn’t considered specific.

 Measurable:  Measurable goals have a numerical component to them.

Achievable and Realistic: Take into consideration the resources you have at hand. Based on that,  whether your goals are achievable and realistic. If they are not, you may want to re-evaluate your strategy and goals

Time bound: Your goals should have a definite time frame before which they need to be achieved.


Conduct Customer Analysis

Once you have a preferable idea of your goals, it’s time to focus on inspect your customers’ needs. First, find out what are the essential pain points are for your customers and the websites that they frequently visit online.

Try to acknowledge their browsing habit as well as their willingness to pay for your products or services.

Conduct customer analysis

Risk management and combined budget

Before I begin to important point, risk is basically a situation involving exposure to loss. Some of the primary points to remember to minimize risk are:

Control Recruitment
Monitor Activity
Enforcement of Rules
Process Returns
Communicate with Your Affiliates

Risk management

Terms you should be familiar about

Product creators: The creators of the product
Networks: The networks managing the affiliates
Consumers: The end users of the product

How affiliate marketing works?


One of the most popular types of Digital Marketing channels for affiliate marketing is blogs.

They are packed full of content, already have a well founded audience, and can lend credibility to brands like nothing else.

Whether selecting the product before nominating it or analyzing its characteristics, a blog has abundant to contribute to the online affiliate marketing world
Hence a lot of major players started blogging to make money from affiliate commissions.



Email List

Though email marketing has been around for a prolonged time, it is a great way to get traffic to affiliate links.

Email lists cover a outspread range of topics and, oftentimes, a captive audience.

Using them as a mechanism to deliver affiliate content can assist you make money with affiliate marketing.

Email list


Coupon sites

Consumers are always scrutinizing for best deals. Reason why the internet is penetrate with coupon websites, prepared to show you how to save money in most chains.
Those kind of pages are incredible ways to promote affiliate links. Publishers with a better understanding of their audience are the ones more likely to make a great deal of conversions in this channel.

coupon sites


While influence marketing and affiliate marketing aren’t the same, influencers can be benefited a lot from applying this strategy to make money.

They have a devoted audience and can direct customers with ease to product links organically.



Review sites

Another significant channel to promote an online affiliate marketing strategy is review sites.

This type of page is overtaken by the consumers who already have, at least, a vague understanding of what they are searching for, and what to grasp more before their purchase. Well-placed affiliate links are at the right place at the right time and have excessive conversion rates because of that

Review sites



Hope my words are helpful to you. Hence,  Affiliate marketing is an opportunity to make some money on the side with a niche subject that you enjoy. Therefore, if you’re looking for opportunities to diversify your income, it might be something you want to invest in.

And If you’re searching for more methodology to boost your strategy, learn with the best programs by referring out 6 Digital marketing examples that will inspire you!


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