SEO Strategy


How important is an SEO strategy?

Very very important!


No matter what you are doing, be it an online business or a niche blog of your own or simply spreading out information and content online. If it has ‘online’ anywhere near or close to it, it is as crucial as oxygen to a living being.


OK! Well not maybe as crucial as oxygen, but still nothing far less as well.


To put it simply, an ‘SEO strategy to an online business or presence is more or less like what a ‘bee may be to a flowering plant’ when it comes to reproducing and growing the numbers or presence in a certain place.


At present day, if you don’t have a good SEO strategy planned out for you and your business beforehand. It then actually becomes really very difficult to survive in the ever rapidly growing online world out there.


So, let us have a little discussion on some of the really important key aspects of an SEO strategy and how doing it helps you, your business, and your online presence get the boost and lifeline it so desperately will need in order to survive and grow today


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Why is an SEO strategy so important?


Now, the very first question you need to ask yourself when it comes to SEO is that ‘Why is it so important?”, rather than “How important is it?”. Because, when you are asking ‘how’ it simply defines the quantity of how much you need SEO, rather than discussing the main point which is ‘why’ you actually need SEO in the first place.


And once you have an idea about why you need it, the rest of how much you need it will automatically get laid out in front of you on its own


This is because when it comes to how much of an SEO strategy a business needs, it is very difficult to pinpoint a distinct figure as it has and always will be a relative figure which will change to more or less depending upon you and your business’s needs and the amount of time and money you would or could spend on it.


Thus, if you get a fine understanding of the ‘why’ part in SEO, then you on your own can pretty much figure out ‘how’ much of an SEO strategy you will need to do in order to fulfill those requirements in your why list.


So the very first and foremost thing you must understand is that SEO literally translates to ‘Search Engine Optimization, which means that it is one strategy or approach you to use to make your website or online presence such that it is optimized at its best to be picked up quickly by a search engine and ranked up the various competition you see every day when you search the particular niche you are interested in.


I am pretty sure you must have already figured it out by now, then whenever you search for a particular niche, say for example a shoe. What is the first thing you see? I am pretty sure, you will see either a link to Amazon, Walmart or any other big online market website in front of you.


It is rarely the case where no one like you and me will make it to the first page when the competition is with such big enterprises


So, this is exactly where you need to have a good SEO strategy going so that even if it is not in the first place or even the first page of a search related to the niche your business is in. At Least you have enough presence to survive in the assuming limited amount of resources you may have.


Why is SEO important?


Crucial source of Web Traffic


Today this has just become a universal truth, that without a good SEO strategy you just can’t expect any kind of traffic pouring into your website. The more organic search engine traffic you have the better. And to achieve this organic search traffic, there is just no other way than a good SEO approach to do so.


Moreover, if you have an online business then showing up even in the second or third pages of a web search can really boost your rankings further as well as help you create the platform for a more stable and better business quite easily and efficiently.


All of these can only be achieved if you check and mark all the necessary steps involved in a good SEO strategy that you will use.


Helps you receive the attention you deserve


When it comes to online presence, how visible you are to the online world is something which is very crucial for your website or business to rank on web searches. The more people see you, the more presence you have and the more rankings you gain until you make it to the top creamy layer where competition is stiff, as well as the fruits you bear, are much sweeter to taste.


Better SEO score means better trusts


Once you rank well, undoubtedly you and your brand will be trusted. This is just in human nature to trust in anything that pops up on top of the list.


I am pretty sure that whether it is you or anyone you know while searching for something online will always click and go through the links displayed in the first or second search pages. Right?


This is simply because you have a sort of trust automatically built up inside you whenever you see something rank up to come to the first or second pages of either a Google or Bing search.


There are hardly any cases where someone would like to straight away like to choose from the 5th or 6th pages and so on without going through the 1st and 2nd pages. Once you are at a higher position in the list, your reliability too shall become higher than the one below you.


Your business growth is directly linked to your SEO


This is quite obvious, don’t you think. The more outreach your business has, the more growth it automatically has. This is similar to the case of a bee and a flowering plant.


The more effectively and efficiently it is able to transfer pollen and seeds from one area to the other, the more area it can cover. This results in more and more plants of the same species growing in wider and wider areas.


Hence, the more optimized and user-friendly and search engine friendly your website is, the better chances it has got to reach out to a wider audience and a wider range of potential customers who may be interested in your particular business.


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