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Is there a right time to shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing

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If there was ever a right time to shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing, then I would say this is it. The best time you could have ever asked for is during this time when the planet is hit by a pandemic and you just have no other option than to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

The present Covid crisis has taught us as humans a lot of things. Things like never taking anything for granted, always having a backup plan, and always keeping on improving and adapting to survive. These are actually some of the harsh truths that only come out in a time of crisis, which enables people to grow and evolve. And I would say one should never miss such an opportunity. You know what they say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Once upon a time, John F. Kennedy said something very beautiful that perfectly sits in the current situation we are in today. It goes something like this, “When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents Danger, and the other represents opportunity”. Now, it is up to you whether you want to turn the current crisis into an opportunity by shifting to a new phase of your business i.e. Digital Marketing or let the crisis take advantage of you.

I am pretty sure it would be the former one. Right?

If so then let me explain to you why ‘Shifting to Digital Marketing from Traditional Marketing’ has, is, and will always be a good decision.

Now, when you are running a business. What is that one very basic thing according to you, which every business and its owner hope for? Can you make a quick guess?

If your answer is “GROWTH”, then you are absolute without a doubt heading in the right path. And even if it was something else, there is always an option to change your answer. Right? That is what growth means, to learn, accept and take action to sprout.

It is quite obvious that whenever someone starts a business, no one would want to just sell a couple of things and leave it there. A business owner will always want the growth of his business. The bigger the business gets, the better. The bigger your vision, the better. Business is nothing without growth. The very aspect of business for most of its part is growth. And only once a business grows, can you term it as successful. Otherwise, it is no better than a 9 to 5 office job giving you the same salary your whole life.

So, how does a business grow? What do you have to do in order to make your business grow? If you are a businessman or entrepreneur, then these kinds of questions are sure to keep on flooding up your brain from time to time.

Obviously, now there are many ways you can grow your business like from launching new products to making your service better to innovating new products which awe and inspire your customers. All these pretty much contribute to helping you grow your business. I would say these are the very fundamental things that help you build your brand and grow in the process.

However, if you are planning something big. Just sticking to the fundamentals will never do. In order to achieve something high and big, you always need help. And this help is none other than Digital Marketing which will give your business the boost it needs to grow up to that level you have desired.

Digital Marketing in the simplest of terms, if I have to explain, would be to compare it with the likes of that of a CATALYST in a Chemical Reaction.

Just like how you need a catalyst to turn up the speed of a chemical reaction to give you the desired results. Similarly, in the case of a business and its growth, Digital Marketing can play the role of a catalyst to greatly boost up the productivity and growth of a business.

With the help of Digital Marketing, you can help your business reach your target audience wherever and whenever needed. It does not matter which corner or which edge your target customer is sitting on. As long as they have a phone or a laptop and are connected to the internet, your message shall reach them.

So, if you are still not sure about how Digital Marketing will help you and your business grow. And looking for a more definite answer to your questions, then I would suggest you take a read of the following article, “A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing”. This will help you get all your doubts cleared and let you make up your mind at the earliest. As in business, time is more or less equivalent to money. The more time you take, the more profits you lose.


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