Real Photos vs Creatives – What works best on Social Media?

It doesn’t really matter which or what kind of Social media platform you are on. When it comes to content, social media probably is the best place to start off from. Today, social media sites have become more or less like search engines, ready to provide you with information for any queries you may ask out there.

Even if it is unable to answer your queries distinctly and accurately, at least it is quite certain that it will provide you with some kind of an answer close to the actual one. And at times even better to be honest.

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Now, obviously, it is quite an easy job to upload any kind of content out there on most Social Media platforms out there. You don’t have to go through prolonged procedures of creating blogs or writing SEO-centric content or content which follows certain search engine guidelines or rules just to publish your content.

However, as easy as it may seem to upload any content out there on social media, it is equally difficult for any content to survive there.

The reason is simply that when it comes to social media, there is always new content being uploaded every second, every day from all over the country leaving no space for previously uploaded content to survive unless they are unique, catchy, and really really appealing to the end-user.

And thus, similarly even in the case of photos, when we are discussing what works best for social media, the answer I believe is quite obvious. The more attractive and creative a photo is, the more chances are that it will be liked and stay in trend for a longer duration of time.

Now, I am not saying real photos are nobody’s favorite. Personally, I am a huge fan of real ones instead of edited and creative ones because in the real ones it is more like what you see is what you get. However, in the case of creating one’s that might not always be the case. At times, what you get may be completely opposite of what you have seen so far.

But, if you are someone who is not on the user-end but instead on the selling end. Then being a little creative with photos you want to sell could be a lot of help. And here when I say ‘sell photos’, I don’t really mean it ‘literally’ but instead mean selling the content inside such photos. Because if I am not wrong, I believe that is exactly why we are out here discussing such a topic. Right?

So, why is it that a creative photo outperforms real photos when we are talking of selling products online over social media?

Well, here you have to first understand what kind of an audience you are dealing with. And only once you have understood and realized the difference between your social media audience and your normal audience, can you firmly grasp the importance and need of creative photos and the role it plays in providing your product or business the exposure it needs to grow and succeed.

How different are social media audiences?

I am sure most of you here are familiar with the saying, ‘all that glitters is not gold. Well, when it comes down to social media as well as the audience, that idiom does not really matter much.

Your content needs to be as captivating and as creative as it can be to attract as many eyes and attention as it can. The shinier the bait, the more eyes it attracts. And once you have their short limited attention, that is exactly the window time where you should be able to convince your audience and sell your product.

Social media audiences, unlike your everyday audience, have a very short attention span. Even if not in the case of all, but surely in the case of many. They need everything fast and short. Scrolling down on content is like a skill many have acquired throughout the years and being able to grab their attention and sell your business to them, is never actually going to work if done in the old conventional and real way.

Getting creative with what you have to offer can really work miracles to attract such minds and then prove the point that you actually want to prove through your pictures and photos to your target audience.

And hence the next time you decide to use photos and pictures to describe what you have to offer. Do get a little creative and build content that can get hold of one’s attention quickly and then the information that is appealing to all.


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