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Social Media Trends in 2023



The biggest saying of our culture is that nothing stays the same. If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that social media is ever-changing.


Trends are a part of life, be it fashion, communications, or even architecture. People also talk about trends, especially when they affect everyday life.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that most people spend a good part of their day on social media. Not in today’s world.


Social media has become a vital part of people’s lives and daily routine. Some people are so addicted to it that they check their social media feed first thing in the morning after waking up.


In 2023, we’re predicting an even bigger shift towards community-led content and originality.


Social Media Trends in 2023:


Social media trends


1. Authenticity is Key:


Apart from video content appearing on social media trend lists for the past few years, authenticity has gradually become the determining factor of success for social media platforms.


In a time of highly edited images and videos and customer craze, authenticity, posts in real time and posts that customers can relate to are in higher demand than expected.


2. Social Media Becoming a Strong Shopping Platform:


Since the pandemic began, social media has grown from a relatively modest shopping platform into a significant economic force.


For example, people are more than happy to buy things through social media actions such as click-through shoppable Instagram posts and social ads.


Furthermore, a Facebook messenger has a bigger role than ever in customer service and purchases.


3. Paid Social Media continues to Grow:


Brands are meeting the trends by spending more on social media advertising.


Especially since networks like Facebook have long put organic branded content at a disadvantage, this is one of the social media’s more long-term trends.


There has been a steady increase in advertising spending for several years, and marketers expect the trend to continue for a long period of time.


Brands that do not advertise on social media are missing out on a lot of potential revenue.


4. Edutainment content will rule:


Edutainment is just for kids anymore. A selected few industries have harnessed the value of creating entertaining, informative content. In 2023, everyone will join in the fun.


The rise in popularity of short-form videos fosters the perfect conditions for fun facts, tutorials, and explainers to flourish on social media.


5. Continued Dominance of Video Content:


According to YouTube, users watch an impressive 1 billion hours of content per day. Taking into account the total population of the world, this means that on average everyone watches YouTube every day.


This is even more impressive when you consider that a large percentage of YouTube hours are consumer-generated. Branded content created by companies is also prevalent, but you can see the strength of YouTube overall.


6. Short-form Video Content is Still Growing Fast:


Short-form content options involve YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, Google Web Stories, and Pinterest Idea Pins.


Many of these alternatives, such as Tik Tok and YouTube Shorts, have emerged over the years. And while YouTube Shorts is an extension of an existing platform, TikTok is something we hadn’t heard of until recently.


In a free market, whenever there is money to be made, new opportunities arise. The existence of new video content options shows that video is one of the big trends in social media.


7. Payment Transparency Between Brands and Creators:


Creators know one thing for sure: exposure doesn’t pay the bills.


And on social media, payment transparency is quickly becoming a popular topic of discussion.


Even big brands are being publicly called out for undercharging, meaning that what once flew under the radar no longer flies.


Furthermore, with the rise of apps like Clara and Kolab scale for creators advocating for pay transparency the difference between what to pay (and what to charge) will only become clearer over time.


8. Use of User-Generated Content:


In social media trends, the value of user-generated content is well-established. Influencer marketing, in general, has become a major market force, but it has become more collaborative these days.


For example, shoppable Instagram posts help sell multiple units of a product by an influencer. Along with this, other types of UGC also help in selling things and increasing brand awareness.


9: Keyword Search & SEO Takes Center Stage:


Go to google – Almost half of Gen Z are using TikTok and Instagram to search instead.


This means that it is more important than ever to optimize your posts with keywords if you want your content to be discovered.


In a broader sense, this change reflects how searching for a topic on the internet has changed.


Users are looking for a more exploratory experience with curated tech and personal experiences (think TikTok storytelling and honest reviews on Reddit).


10. How the talk about brands sustainability will change:


Over the few years, brands have proudly revealed their environmental sustainability goals to pique the interest of conscious consumers. Now, many are opting for a calmer approach.


Several non-profit watchdog organizations are dedicated to weeding out faux-sustainability claims. Exaggerating the practices of your brand can put the whole business in jeopardy.


11.TikTok’s Social Media Dominance:


Before four-five years, most of us had never heard about TikTok.


In fact, this Chinese import has taken America’s social media landscape by storm. With over a billion viewers, it also has a large following. Here’s another interesting fact: in a survey of Android phone users, people spent more hours per week on TikTok than on YouTube.


That’s impressive for a young network, but perhaps less surprising if you consider that TikTok is designed for smartphones.




Social media trends are constantly evolving, and it’s important for businesses and individuals to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in order to maximize their social media presence. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the social media landscape is constantly changing, and new trends and developments are always emerging. Hope this information is helpful for you.




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