Backlinks –Types, Importance, and how to create it in 2023?

To build a backlink is one of the important SEO strategies because it helps you rank higher in search engines. Most SEO professionals agree that link-building is a highly effective tactic to include in your marketing strategies.


If you’re unsure which backlinking strategies work, you’ll find it challenging to collect high-quality backlinks.


What is a Backlink?


The name says a meaning itself, link on website other than your own that goes back to a page on your website. It is a link created when one website links to another.


Backlinks are also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one way links” as they represent another website’s traffic coming to your website.


With the help of backlinks, you can measure your website’s popularity with users.


Why are Backlinks Important?


Backlinks help with these things:


Improve Ranking:


Search engines like google consider backlinks are one of the most important signals for ranking content. Google see backlinks as votes of confidence.


Generally, the more votes your web pages have, the more likely they are to rank for relevant search queries.


Help Google find new pages:


Backlinks help Google to find your content more easily.


When Google follows a backlink to a new page, it crawls the page to find all the links on it.


So, you must use internal linking strategy. That means pages on your site link to each other. Then Google can follow a backlink to your site and continue to follow internal links to new pages once it gets to your site.


Send Referral Traffic:


Traffic from people who visit your site via another website, without searching for you on Google is called referral traffic. They were referred by another source—like backlinks.


Referred traffic increased your brand recognition, introduces you to new audiences, gives opportunities for new qualified leads, and also can bring a newly interested user to your side.


Types of Backlinks:


There are different types of backlinks. Let’s know each one and how they affect your website.


Types of backlinks


Do Follow Links:


Everyone wants these types of links for their website. You have to keep in mind that those coming from respected sites hold the most value.


The do follow link tells Google to pass trust and authority to the site being linked to. And it can help you to improve your search engine rankings.


Do follow links are looks like this in HTML code:


<a href=””>this is a follow link</a>


No Follow Links:


A no follow link tells google to ignore a link. These types of links are not helpful to improve your search engine rankings as they do not pass any value from one site to another site.


No follow links it looks like this in the HTML code:


<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>this is a nofollow link</a>



If money, a product, or a service has been provided in exchange for a link then it’s called a sponsored or paid link.


The format of this link looks like this:


<a href=”” rel=”sponsored”>this is a sponsored link</a>


UGC Links:


UGC links mean user-generated content links. This type of link tells google which links were created by users or customers.


These links will allow webmasters to signify they do not editorially endorse specific hyperlinks on their site.


UGC links look like this:


<a href=”” rel=”ugc”>this is a UGC link</a>


How to Create Backlinks?


1. The Broken Link Building Method:


The broken-link building is an ideal method to create one-way backlinks. In this technique, you have to contact a webmaster and report broken links on their website.


At the same time, suggest some other website links to replace them. And here, of course, mention your website link as well. As you are doing the webmaster a favor by reporting their broken links, the chances of getting a backlink back to your website is high.


Here is the question how to find the broken links in the first place, right? well, that’s simple. just find relevant websites in your niche that have resource pages.


You can use search queries in google like:


Your keyword + links,


Your keyword + resources


For Example, if you have a website for banking, you search for banking + links on the google search engine.


2. Through Infographics:


We can easily understand things through pictures better than words. Infographics are one of the best ways to bring traffic to your website and gain valuable backlinks.


The benefit of using Infographics is that they’re easy to understand and share. Everyone likes visual data and because of that demand for infographics has increased considerably.


A well-made Infographic can fetch you great rewards. You have to include a unique and interesting story and lots of statistical data for your audience. And also, make your content viral to get good traffic back to your website.


3. Guest Articles:


Guest blogging is the most effective way to get your content to reach new audiences and win more exposure. Also, it helps you to increase your social media followers and your online reputation.


Social media is the best place to publish your guest article. Just you have to make sure that your articles links to your social media profiles. It ensures that people can easily follow you if they like your posts.


4. Build Internal Links:


Internal links are an important way to run a successful blog. If you are having internal links on your blog then people need not search for information. Your links can easily send them to the proper place.


There are various tools that can automatically build internal links on your blogs, but you must know how to create backlinks manually. Because a good internal linking strategy can help you get quality backlinks.


5. Promote Your Content:


You can build the best product or provide high-quality services to people. How will your potential customers know this? Therefore, it becomes important for you to promote your content.


Great content will not get you backlinks unless you know how to promote it properly. You have to get out into the world and do email outreach to promote your best articles.


One of the best ways to do this is to contact bloggers or websites that run weekly or monthly roundups. Also, you can contact such webmasters and introduce your website to them.


If they find it useful, your link may be mentioned in the next weekly roundup. Bloggers are always looking for good content. Promoting your content is one of the best ways to build backlinks for your website.


6. Spy on Your Competitors:


One of the best effective ways to build backlinks for SEO is by keeping up to date with your competitors’ online marketing strategies.


You have to spy on your competitors on social media and look for their link-building or monetization techniques as well as their content-marketing methods.


Check out their link-building strategy and content marketing methods. Use some of the tips mentioned in this article such as Guest blogging on their website to look for quality backlinks.


7. Write Testimonials:


An easy way to earn quality backlinks is to write testimonials for the websites you are using. Spending a few minutes writing a quality testimonial can do a lot for your site.


As long as you are a customer of that product, there is a good chance that you can get a link in exchange for a testimonial. Using this method, you can create backlinks for free.


8. Get in Touch with Journalists and Important Bloggers:


You can get backlinks by reaching out to journalists and influencers in your niche. This is one of the best ways to make your website popular.


Finding someone’s email address can be challenging, but there’s no reason to despair. Find and reach the emails of top journalists and important influencers.


Alternatively, popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Google+ can help you find their email address. It is important to keep your messages short and clear in order to attract maximum attention.


9. Donate:


Donating to non-profit organizations is a great way to get backlinks. This method is the fastest. All you have to do is find websites in your niche that accept donations.


Make your donation and enter your website URL. You will get a backlink in no time.


10. Get Interviewed:


Online interview is the trend of today.  However, you need to be an authority in your niche in order to receive interview invitations. You can always look for websites that conduct interviews and display your interest to participate in them.




Backlinks play a vital role in determining the credibility of your website and increasing the flow of traffic and that is why you must know how to build backlinks. Hope this post will help you to get some idea about it.



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